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The Vegalab Story

When David Selakovic decided to start vegalab he just had one motive “organic eatables”. Creating all-natural, organic products that foster a healthier world is our mission, our objective, and our primary motivation.
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Our Commitment

Our laboratories maintain a harmonized integrity, ensuring that every aspect has sustainability running through its core.


Everything we do is rooted in sustainability. Vegalab is dedicated to providing products without depleting the earth of its resources. We are rates as one of the best Organic fertilizer and pesticide producers.

Our Innovative Products

Vegalab Innovation

Join Us

David Dragan Selakovic the president of Vegalab start this company few years back with a dream of turning this world into a healthy environment. We at Vegalab cordially invite you to ‘spread the health’. If you are as committed as we are in our pursuits, then please inquire about becoming a Vegalab distributor in your area. Join us in making our planet a healthier one for everyone. Help us get people to make the change to Natural Fertilizer and more Natural Pesticides.

Dedicated to Organic Fertilizer & Natural Pesticides

Dedicated to continual research, discovery, and meticulous testing of natural insecticides and natural fertilizer, we are constantly updating our formulas and developing new ones to consistently provide an inexpensive, healthier alternative. Each Vegalab brand maintains the highest standard for the development and production of environmentally mindful products. Join us in our persistent quest to always improving the world the all-natural way.